refugee.tv is an act of empowerment. The vision is to create a TV station, which is designed by refugees in cooperation with a German/Austrian film team.

The reporters of refugee.tv came to Europe as refugees. Amongst the refugees coming to Europe are many skilled workers, some filmmakers, journalists and camera men. Many refugees had to flee their home country because they were putting the spotlight on problems and injustices in their home countries.  refugee.tv provides them a platform to continue their passionate work.



refugee.tv will produce reports for people who wish a change in the perspective of the current coverage. Instead of crisis we will search for opportunity. We will put the spotlight on the all engulfing fear and highlight that the “others” can as well enrich. Our films will build bridges and tear down fences, without fear but joy of life.

The initiator of  refugee.tv is the Austrian filmmaker David Gross.

refugee.tv is Artivism, uniting art with civil engagement. We want to resolve borders through film making and engagement.